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A Traditional Toy Train Layout with Lionel, American Flyer, and Marx Trains, with Bachmann Plasticville Buildings and Homebuilt Animation.

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Easy Animation Projects

3D Printing Project, Cute Steam Locomotive with Tender

Servo on a Transformer with the ESP32

Animation with Arduino-Controlled Servos

Python/Raspberry Pi Controlled/Automated LionChief Loco

Control/Automate LionChief with an ESP32

Train-Following Addressable LEDs with an ESP32 and FastLED

Add Sound to a Tender with an ESP32

Merry Christmas from Santa !!!

A Reed Switch Tutorial

Bluetooth Control Project

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Repainting a Figure's Face

A Capacitor Discharge Circuit for an O27 Switch

The Lionel 44 Ton Center Cab Repair

My Home-built Rudolph & Hermey Handcar

Updated Gold Mining Scene - New Video - Snoopy Handcar Rollercoaster!

Control Uncoupling Track With The Whistle Button!

The Hippo Animation Project

Add A Coupler To A Lionel Handcar

Using The Relco HF AC Rail Cleaner With A Lionel Handcar

A Homemade Command Control Device

A Simple Timing Circuit

Giraffe Animation Project, in progress

My Lemax Junior Flight School Amusement Ride Animation

Repairing The Lemax Junior Flight School Animation

Merry Christmas!!! 2 Little Christmas Set-Ups

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Shorty Dump Car Project

Are You An Armchair Hobbyist?

Happy Easter!

The GarGraves O23.75 Experiment!

Still More Improvements To A Lionel Handcar

The Little Flywheel Effect, Within An O27 Lionel Handcar

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Happy Halloween!

Coffee Table Layout

Modified HO Handcar

eBay Handcar Project

Dolphin Animation Project (In Progress)

The Sound Effects Project

Santa's On Wheels

New Lion Animation Project

They're Not Just For Christmas Anymore!

Charlie Brown Christmas Figures With The Lionel Snoopy Handcar

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About Capacitors

Lighting Techniques

Lawn Mowing Animation Project

Elephant Bath Animation Project

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Jumping Rope Animation Project

Tricycle Animation Project

Plane Animation Project

My Plea To Lionel

Why Animation?

The 45 Degree Crossover Project

Snoopy Likes To Travel

My Original Flywheel Experiment

An Accident In Lancaster, A Short Story

My Lemax Junior Flight School Amusement Ride Animation

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Improving Forever Fun's Peanuts' Toboggan Run Animation

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