Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Please don't call it turkey day!

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Our friends on the shortened Lionel flatcar. They're holding on for the ride!

Once again, the modified Lionel Snoopy and Woodstock handcar with the ore car full of pumpkins, and a happy turkey. Why is the turkey happy? The Peanuts gang is vegetarian!!!

The Halloween and/or Thanksgiving scene. Notice the addition of the 2 turkeys (from the A C Moore craft store) convert the Halloween scene to a Thanksgiving theme. The leaves, also from the craft store, were cut down to size from larger fake autumn leaves. Both the leaves and turkeys were purchased on sale for under a buck, total excluding tax. A good example of a scene on a shoestring budget! The trees are just branches cut from the back yard. One lamppost is from a set of 2 from the dollar store, the other lamppost from the set was cut down and painted gold for the lantern on the front of Snoopy's handcar. The 2 taller lampposts are from Wal-Mart Christmas stock. All the lampposts are 3 volt, wired in series and run off of a 7.5 VDC wall transformer. Track is powered from a standard Lionel toy train transformer. The little house, approx. HO scale from the dollar store, gives the impression of a building in the distance, sort of a forced perspective technique.

The finished table from the GarGraves track experiment just fits between the television and sofa in a very small family room. You can fit a layout in just about anywhere!!!!

On the left side of this photo, notice how Lucy and Charlie Brown are helping a turkey deal with his chopaheadaphobia.

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Here is a great source for various figures: Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Peanuts figures from Time & Space Toys

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