Making the Perfect Charlie Brown and Snoopy Handcar

This video shows how anyone can achieve the perfect Charlie Brown and Snoopy handcar.
No special talent or skills, just some sawing, gluing, and a few dabs of paint.
(You will have to acquire the handcars and the better Charlie Brown figure from "Forever Fun.")

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     Although it may seem costly, keeping an eye out for less than perfect handcars on eBay (or other secondary markets) will often be very rewarding, but not necessarily an overnight process. The figures can be scuffed or have blemishes, but the flaws can be corrected with simple model building techniques like filling and painting. Adding weight to the handcars is almost always necessary for improved traction. This site, and its YouTube channel, is full of useful information about improving the Lionel handcar.

Here is a listing of this site's handcar related pages.

See my article "Halt Handcar Hang-Ups!" offered now as a free sample from Kalmbach Publishing and Classic Toy Trains Magazine.

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