With his trusty friend Woodstock, Snoopy likes to travel the rails on his handcar, which was a gift from Mickey Mouse.  Woodstock is an excellent navigator using his natural bird's sense of direction. Snoopy has endless energy for pumping the handcar because he loves lasagna and eats it whenever he can.  Snoopy enjoys visiting his brothers and sisters across the country.  In the ore car that they pull, which opens into a full-sized camper that sleeps 12, Snoopy keeps all sorts of equipment and supplies for traveling, including Woodstock's favorite sunflower seed.  Charlie Brown stays in touch by cell phone.  Woodstock communicates in Morse code, long and short chirps, over the phone.  Snoopy also carries the latest in GPS technology although they don't really need it.  Snoopy leaves his laptop at home so he can focus on the natural beauty around him.  To cover traveling expenses, Snoopy does a little mining along the way, occasionally finding some precious stones and metals.  What Snoopy doesn't need he donates to the Salvation Army.  Just in case they run into trouble, Roy Rogers gave Snoopy a 45, and Woodstock knows Judo.*  To pass the time on long nights around the campsite, Snoopy plays the guitar and has developed quite a flair for Latin rhythms.  Because Charlie Brown gets lonely, Snoopy tries to limit his traveling to just a few weeks here and there.  The US Department of Transportation has given Snoopy and Woodstock special permission to travel the railroads with a VID&B Pass (Very Important Dog and Bird Pass).  Snoopy doesn't fly much anymore because he is trying to reduce his "carbon footprint," but he still drives his VW convertible every Sunday afternoon.

*Although Snoopy hates violence, he once had to straighten out Martha Stewart when she "borrowed" his recipe for goulash.

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