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by Joseph P Rampolla
Classic Toy Trains (CTT) and O Gauge Railroading (OGR)
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In Classic Toy Trains Magazine

March 2020, Bring a bike rider to life.
December 2012, Build an operating coal dump car.
July 2007, Make an O and S gauge crossover in GarGraves track.
March 2007, Using an electronic flywheel circuit in a Lionel O27 railcar.
October 2005, Add a reversing unit to a Lionel handcar, "Halt Handcar Hang-ups!" offered now from CTT as a free sample,
November 2004, Using a magnetic reed switch and relay circuit.

More to come!

In O Gauge Railroading Magazine

February/March 2008, Making a cowcatcher and tender for the O27 K-Line by Lionel Porter locomotive. Run 227.
April 2000, Animating an O scale die cast automobile/SUV on HO rails in simulated asphalt. Run 172.
August 1998, Animation of Snoopy on a skateboard on HO rails. Run 160.
June 1997, Animation of an elephant figure. Run 153.

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