Repainting a Face

     It may be necessary to repaint a face on a figure becasue you don't like the expression, it was painted incorrectly for that character, or the features are crooked, perhaps sloppily painted/printed. Most paint/inks will be somewhat soluble with either rubbing alcohol (91% isopropyl) or acetone (nail polish remover). And some paint may just need to be sanded off of the surface. Most of these plastic or vinyl heads will be a sold color all the way through, so sanding shouldn't change the color too much on lighter colored vinyls (always test first on the back of the head or another inconspicuous surface). It makes a big difference when you can achieve the look you want, or correct a flaw in something that is hard to find. Many of the PVC figures will need a little correcting or refining. Any surface can be painted if properly primed. Some solvent-based paints won't cure on vinyl. Acrylic paint is usually a safe choice on plastics.

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The above are examples of other corrections to faces. Sometimes it is better to over-paint the feature you want to change rather than remove it, which was done with the tiny Charlie Brown figure.

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