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(Some photos are not current.)

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The improved jungle section, featuring 4 animated elephants, crocodile and kangaroo (see animation pages for details).

Here is photo of the jungle area now with the 2 new animation projects. The giraffe and hippo projects are explained in detail on this site.
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Another angle of the jungle, before the latest additions.

The lion animation project.

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The dolphin animation project.

The "Santa's on Wheels" animation project, built on an HO diesel switcher mechanism.

The station area.

My all-time favorite, the Snoopy and Woodstock handcar.

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Below are older photos that do not reflect the newer changes and improvements.

This classic American neighborhood features Plasticville houses indicative of 1950's residential architecture.

The animal preserve with more elephant animation. It is all about evoking fond memories.

The middle of the town. The diner offers Sicilian American cuisine and is best known for its ricotta lover's lasagna, thick crust pizza, and rich tomato sauces. The aroma of garlic fills the town. Although the diner looks small, it actually seats 200.

The church has miniature statues on bracketed shelves, a way-side shrine, and a miniature nativity scene with a concealed light. Notice the family being greeted by an old friend, and a deer who wonders freely and never ventures out on the track or roads.

The newsstand and benches are homemade, and the newspapers are just pieces of sheet styrene painted white with fine lines drawn on with a black marker. What's today's headline? Build A Layout And Relieve Stress!

Happy travelers look forward to their trips, and returning townspeople are glad to be back home.

The elephant bath scene with some vegetation and details.

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The mansion at the top of the hill, home to the eccentric and philanthropic self-made millionaire, still needs a few more landscaping details.

The barn's simple revolving disk animation adds life to the rural scene. Farmer Brown produces the best ricotta cheese in your choice of goat's, sheep's, or cow's milk.

These skaters have been entertaining us for over 40 years, and they still have boundless energy. Must be the hot chocolate.

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These 10 paper houses were purchased in 1970 and are approximately HO scale. They were used for many years in an under-the-tree layout with an American Flyer S scale train. Houses like these were standard five and dime store items in the 1950s, but in approx. O scale. They were very affordable but didn't survive rough handling. Careful storage of all layout items, in a dry room-temperature place, is most important.

Here is the oldest section of town built from 21st century dollar store finds. These buildings fill a narrow strip next to the tracks. Since they are porcelain there is little concern for heat related lighting problems.

This church is surrounded by merry folks, kids with dogs, and street musicians.

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