Splish, Splash !!!

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This new scene is done with an automotive windshield washer pump which pulses a stream of water from the male's trunk, and a simple animation technique that converts the circular motion of a small DC gearhead motor to reciprocal motion for the female's head turning. These are identical to the figures used in the original elephant animation scene. They remind me of the elephants from the "Jungleland" attraction in Wildwood NJ that I loved as a child.

These diagrams tell the story better than words!
These retired Fisher Price elephant figures, which were widely available for several years in the late '90s, might still be found in some smaller stores, but more than likely you will have to raid your children's or grandchildren's abandoned toy stash, or check local yard sales, garage sales, thrift shops, and internet sources that resell toys and collectibles to acquire these figures. Similar toy figures can be adapted to this type of animation project, however these figures are exceptional designs and are quite cute!

Lights that partially encircle the outside of the pan's edge add a nice up lighting effect to the baby elephant and an interesting glow when room lights are dimmed. The lights were then covered with rock slivers. Light shines through the clear plastic which is left unpainted along the front edge. The clear plastic pan is "reverse painted" (painted on the outside) to resemble the colors of the natural rock from the back yard.

The elephant bath scene with some vegetation and details.

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