More About Splashing !!!

After a little tricky drilling of the trunk, the tubing in the male elephant does all the work.

The disk (paper template) and the wire "arm" of the female's mechanism are quite simple.

Here is a view of the coat hanger wire inserted in the female's head, and the hard plastic tube from a discarded window cleaner bottle inserted in the drilled out male's trunk. No fancy materials here, just raid the recycling bin!

The female elephant was mounted to a piece of OSB board to stabilize the figure and the rod that turns her head.

This is the motor, plywood disk, and arm that provides the animation. The disk has a 'bump out' that controls a snap action switch for the pulsing of the water.

This is the automotive windshield washer pump.

This snap action switch has a roller on its actuating lever which works well with the revolving disk.

The disk not only provides the motion for the animation, but also pulses the pump when the bump out depresses the switch.

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