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     The site has grown since it began in 1998, with much of the original material still included in its original form as I was learning to do my own computer-drawn illustrations, photo editing, and page encoding. Most photos are not current or they don't show the completely finished project. If a project is being considered by a magazine for publication, I can't show it or that section of my layout at this time. Some pages are a bit more technical and involved than others, but questions about anything are always answered in a timely fashion by me, so please feel free to ask, [email protected]. It might take a little digging to find what you are looking for, but it is here. The first and second pages have different links and repeated links, so it is always best to check the links on both pages:




     Photos and videos are in a lower resolution in many instances to reduce web serving costs and to be considerate of those on dial-up or slow connections. Depending on your monitor settings, some photos and video clips may not look their best. The little video clips were done to show like-minded hobbyists what the action is like, not necessarily for the entertainment of the casual visitor, although the promotion of the hobby is a major goal. Like many things in life, it is a balancing act between cost and content. The real meat is in the technical tidbits that are hidden in plain sight on this site. Links designated with the flashing "new" graphic are more recent or of special interest, but not always new since the last update. The "What's on Joe's Mind" pages are a blog of sorts. I don't do FaceBook or Twitter, but I do have a YouTube channel, Christmas Garden.

Please pay attention to the disclaimer which appears below and frequently on this site. Thanks, Joe

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      The site owner is not and cannot be held liable for fire, electrical shock, property damage, bodily injury, loss of life, or accident of any kind caused by electrical circuits or any ideas, projects, techniques, or information contained on this site. The visitor assumes all risk and responsibility for any loss, injury, accident or damage arising from the use of information, ideas, techniques, projects, concepts, components, products, and circuits on this site.

      Please refer to hobby reference materials for correct and safe use information regarding these and all electronic circuits.  These diagrams are intended to explain how things were accomplished in theory, but it is the responsibility of the individual to locate precise information regarding electrical circuits, materials, ratings of components, etc.  Do not attempt these hobby projects, or any electrical project, if you don't have the necessary skills and experience.

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