Please, Please, Lionel,
Bring Back the Snoopy and Woodstock Handcar!

      I am not alone in my appreciation of this handcar! On many eBay auctions, Lionel's Snoopy and Woodstock handcar has been a very hot commodity. People ask where they can get one, and but it is no longer being manufactured. If marketed correctly it would not only sell well, but also bring new people into the O27 hobby. It could be sold with an oval or figure eight track and a simple wall type transformer, perhaps even a powerpack that uses D cell batteries for young children. I urge anyone who shares my love of this product to contact Lionel and respectfully request that they bring it back.

     If you would like Lionel to bring back the Snoopy and Woodstock handcar, please contact Lionel through this link to Lionel's site: Although Lionel customer service reps cannot address marketing issues, they need to hear from you! Just tell Lionel how much you would like them to reissue the Snoopy and Woodstock handcar!

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