A Simple Timing Circuit
Here is a way to activate a train, an animation, or a layout accessory for a brief period of time with just a push of a button, then have it turn off automatically.

This is a redrawn diagram of an analog timing circuit from: www.electronics-project-design.com/TimingLight.html

Please read all the cautionary statements and the disclaimer on this site before trying this, or any, project. Seek the "in person" help of a knowledgeable and qualified hobbyist or electrician. And follow all the necessary procedures and electrical codes! I started with the recommended components, then made a few adjustments. This is not a complicated circuit, and it doesn't use timing chips, but it works reliably. Remember that simple solutions still work in our modern era. The correct polarity of the electrolytic cap must be maintained. The electrolytic cap can explode if connected incorrectly! Wear eye and face protection when testing this circuit!!!!!! Take great care when using homemade circuits!!!

Easy control of a train, either 2 or 3 rail.

Simple connection to the relay of a motor driven accessory or animation.

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