// by Joseph P Rampolla
//   https://www.josephrampolla.com/

#include "SerialMP3Player.h"

#define TX 17
#define RX 16
int inPin1 = 12;  // IR sensor pin

SerialMP3Player mp3(RX,TX);
int value = 1;

void setup() {

  pinMode (inPin1, INPUT);  
  digitalWrite (inPin1, 1); 
  Serial.begin(9600);     // start serial interface
  mp3.begin(9600);        // start mp3-communication
  delay(500);             // wait for init

  mp3.sendCommand(CMD_SEL_DEV, 0, 2);   //select sd-card
  delay(500);             // wait for init

void loop()
 for (;;) {
  int value = digitalRead(12);
   if(value == 0) {   // sensor triggered
  mp3.setVol(30);     // highest volume
  mp3.play(001);     // play file 1 or 1st file added to SD card
   for (;;) {
  int value = digitalRead(12);
   if(value == 0) {     // sensor triggered

  mp3.play(002);     // play file 2 or 2nd file added to SD card
   break; }}

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