About the Video Clips

My Videos on YouTube

     The short clips on these pages were prepared from AVI files generated by a digital camera.   The clips were then highly compressed (MPEG1 format, no audio) for quicker downloading.   These video clips should play from within the page when using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla Firefox, with the Windows Media Player.   A second link to a clip is included on these pages that should call up a stand alone media player if needed.  If the clips are not being displayed properly from within the page, please access the clips directly from the link which appears on those particular pages.   When accessing these clips directly, temporarily set your media player to "repeat" or "loop" since most of these clips are very short.  

     I now have a YouTube channel, Christmas Garden, with new clips and some repeated from my site.

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The Clips:

My Home-built Rudolph & Hermey Handcar
Giraffe Animation Project (In Progress)
The Hippo Animation Project
Dolphin Animation Project (In Progress)
New Lion Animation Project
The Elephants
The Crocodile and Kangaroo
The Amtrak and SUV at the Crossing
The VW and Airstream through the Crossing
The Gold Mine Rollercoaster
Close-up of Handcar
Snoopy on Ice Animation
Toboggan Animation
Snoopy on Skateboard
The Barnyard
The Bulldozer
Elephant Bath Animation
Lionel's Playtime Playground
Lawn Mowing Animation
Tricycle Animation
New Clip of Old Rink Animation
Jumping Rope Animation
Boy Flying Plane Animation
K-Line's Construction Worker Animation
A 45 degree O27 Crossover for Handcars
An O24 GarGraves Oval
Close-up of a Handcar Pulling a Flatcar
Short Clip of the Coffee Table Layout
Santa in a VW Pulling a Trailer
Very Brief Clip of the Handcar Exiting the Elevator
The Lemax Junior Flight School Amusement Ride Animation

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