Agostino Has A Powerful Swing!
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This is K-Line's "Figure with Sledgehammer Construction Scene," a very nicely done animation that is also very affordable. The mechanism is entirely contained within the figure and base. This page is dedicated to all those hardworking men and women who built the infrastructure of this fine country. Both my great-grandfather and grandfather were ditch diggers in Baltimore in the early 1900's, earning little money for this backbreaking work. My grandfather died as a result of working while suffering with pneumonia, since missing a day of work would have meant the loss of his job and his ability to support his family. He was a very strong man cut down in his prime at the age of 33 with 5 children, the youngest was my father as an infant. Let us not forget those fine people who worked so tirelessly as we enjoy, and often take for granted, the results of their difficult labor. Because it is surface mountable, its position can be easily changed.

Here is the animated accessory after removing the concrete blocks, adding lichen and tiny artificial flowers, and repainting the jacket, shoes, and rocks. Notice how the addition of color brightens the scene and draws the eye toward the figure. This picturesque look is more in keeping with the glorified image of daily life the layout hopes to convey. Working conditions for a ditch digger were never this beautiful. At least Agostino can take a brief break at the diner nextdoor.

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