Don't Waste Your Time Online, Anymore!

      We all know that the internet/Web boom has been over for a while now, and the train forums, OGR and CTT, have been declining into nothing more than a gathering place for a few opinionated, and sometimes hostile, people. For some reason, newcomers and certain established members get the cold shoulder on these forums. I learned to work past that in an effort to help other hobbyists, but now even the simple truth or factual information is disputed. There still might be some useful information on the forums, but trying to determine who is giving good advice is becoming more and more difficult. And that is because good people have turned away from reading and contributing on these forums, so the untruths are not exposed. The truth is often very unpopular in the public arena.

   All good things come to an end eventually, and so go the forums! So spend your valuable time running your trains (and handcars), and making things for your layout!

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