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Need space for the holiday layout?   Consider the dining room!

     So you would like to have a layout this Christmas, but you don't know exactly how you could fit one in your home or apartment. Consider the dining room! Most families do not use the dining room for sit-down dinners after Thanksgiving, so use your kitchen for buffet service for holiday entertaining, and consider that seldom used dining room space for your layout. Even the existing dining room table could be used for the actual layout, built on the a board that rests on the dining room table, or built on a board that replaces the dining room table's top and uses only the legs. Or the table could be removed temporarily and the benchwork for a seasonal layout could be set up in the same position as the removed table where guests could circulate around it, perhaps even sit around the layout. At any rate, use that ill-used space for your layout. Unlike having to destroy the furniture arrangement in a living or family room, removing comfortable seating to accommodate a layout, the dining room is already set up for circulating around a table. Remember to use some sort of skirt or curtain around the layout (if furniture quality table legs are not used). Pleating the fabric, rather than gathering it, will yield a more tailored look. If you use exposed legs, keep most wiring hidden for a neat look. If you need to sell a spouse on this idea, remember that many of those ceramic and porcelain buildings, like the Department 56 line, are very popular collectibles and are quite fashionable in home decorating presently. For ideas on how you can use a layout on furniture quality legs in a living room, see my small HO Christmas layout.

     Create a Christmas tradition, wholesome memories for family and friends, and perhaps develop a stress relieving lifelong hobby. Happy Christmas!!!!!

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