It's Dollar Tree Flipper

(project on the layout)

Still having problems with the video clips?

Here the project is installed on the layout. This animation adds a little action to the otherwise static scene.

Animation on the layout is like seasoning in food! Remember that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts." No one animation project stands alone, but together they create the activity of daily life. Animation is sometimes like a supporting actor in a play, not the lead, but necessary for the show. And, after all, a layout is really theater. Notice how what seemed like an over-sized figure of a dolphin, which is actually just slightly larger than an O scale dolphin, is visually almost too small. Slightly exaggerating animation in movement and size is sometimes helpful. Give these simple, inexpensive techniques, built on low rpm motors, a try. This whole project cost about $4 - $5, including the paint and caulk. The motor was about $2.50, a timing style, 30 rpm, continuous duty.

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