Using Limit Switches
Proposed rewiring of the JFS,
for the "lift" motor.

This is the wiring method I used for the gold mine elevator with a relay and a reed switch (a 3PDT relay was used with one set of contacts used to "latch" the coil). At first I used a toggle switch before I automated the action. For the JFS animation, I would use a multimeter and test the wiring from the 2 limit switches in the ride to see what they do. I suppose they are wired by way of their normally closed contacts. There is at least one relay on the JFS circuit board, so I don't know if one of the limit switches breaks the current to a relay's coil. The limit switch on the right in the diagram controls the motor when the DC positive is sent through the motor's red wire. If the ride will operate properly while revolving from the start, I would just let the other motor operate continuously, but have a separate switch to control that motor if needed. The rewiring would be for an installation in a train layout where the toggles would be on a control panel, and the relay(s) could be anywhere underneath the layout.

This method with diodes simplifies wiring.

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