About Video Viewing Problems

My Videos on YouTube

      Due to recent changes in Microsoft's operating system, media player, and browser, on certain computers the little embedded clips will not be displayed correctly within the page, or will not be displayed at all. Use the separate link to the clip, which should open your default media player. If your media player doesn't open, right-click on the link, and save the file in a folder and then play it with your favorite player. Or copy the link and open it in your favorite media player. Set your player to "loop" or "repeat" to get the full effect of the repetitious action. Most of these clips are very short, without sound. Using the Netscape or Firefox browser might eliminate most problems, but Microsoft's Internet Explorer will probably work best for most visitors. Every attempt has been made to try to get automatic, embedded playing on the same page as information about the various projects. Feel free to e-mail the webmaster@josephrampolla.com about your difficulties viewing the video clips, or other problems with this site. Many of the clips will be redone as Windows Media files as time permits.

A good video player for all my clips is the free VLC Media Player.

      These very short mpeg clips do play well in Apple's QuickTime and older versions of Microsoft's Media Player. The older Windows media player is accessible on newer Windows computers by shift-right-clicking on the downloaded file and selecting "open with," then scroll down to "mplayer2" to open a file in the old player. In QuickTime you have to follow the instructions for opening files.

     I now have a YouTube channel, Christmas Garden, with new clips and some repeated from my site.

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