Benchwork and Materials

The layout's benchwork is 2 x 4 lumber, 1/2" OSB, and 3" deck screws. Raised track sections use 1/4" plywood.
Wiring is 12 gauge for the trackage in most areas, and lighting is standard Christmas tree lights in 18 volt circuits, with some purchased hobby lighting.  AC train transformers and plug in DC wall type transformers supply the power.  A high frequency alternating current generator supplies the power for the headlights on the HO track when the DC power is off.  12 VAC relays control most of the automated action, but an old Timex/Sinclair 1000 computer with an interface board and about 18 6 VDC 4PDT relays can take the layout through it paces, freeing the operator from the control panel.  Two tape players supply some music and train station sound effects.  The homemade animation uses inexpensive gearhead motors bought from surplus catalogs. Scenery is drywall compound over cardboard or heavy brown paper, chicken grit for track ballast glued in place, cut strips of kitchen place mats for paving between the HO rails, lichen and dried garden materials for brush and trees, purchased trees, and artificial small sized floral materials.
No ground foam is used, just green paint.
Non-scale items with great sentimental value are included.

Additional cantilevered surface area constitutes one 4 x 8 sheet of OSB.

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