Safety First!!!!
Please take the time to read this short page!

Always use UL approved transformers and power supplies that are in good working order.

Have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected electrical outlet for the layout.

Only use UL approved extension cords and power strips correctly sized for the electrical load.

Always wear proper shoes while operating the layout.

Have all layout electrical items terminate to one outlet so that unplugging one cord disconnects the whole layout.

Have two working smoke detectors in the layout area, and an approved fire extinguisher.

Have a fire escape plan in place.

Have only low voltage running through the layout.

Make sure all wiring is correctly spliced and insulated.

Use wiring of the correct gauge or better.

Have all circuits and projects in proper electrical boxes.

Always make sure power is disconnected before working on wiring.

Operate all light bulbs below rated voltages to prolong bulb life and reduce heat.

Make sure light bulbs and hot components don't touch combustible surfaces.

Make sure benchwork is strong enough before crawling beneath, and sitting or walking on top.

Wear eye protection, always, while working on the layout when using power tools, hand tools, soldering, and testing electrical circuits, and keep children and pets out of the area at these times.

Never leave the layout unattended while operating or plugged in.

Always make sure the layout is completely disconnected and everything has cooled off before leaving the layout room/area.

Properly store combustible hobby paints, lubricants, and solvents.

Properly discard used rags and materials that can spontaneously combust.

Do not let children or others operate the layout unattended.

The page owner is not and cannot be held responsible for fire, electrical shock, damage, or accident of any kind caused by electrical circuits or any ideas or information contained on this site.

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