These items use HO diesel switcher mechanisms.
The skateboard's base is an HO powertruck.
The SUV and skateboard are the subject of articles I wrote for
"O Gauge Railroading" magazine, April 2000 and August 1998 issues. My elephant
animation story (see photo #5 on the main page) appeared in OGR's June 1997 issue.

Click here to view VW with Airstream video clip, 35K MPEG.

Click here to view the skateboard video clip, 57K MPEG.

This is a die cast 1:43 scale SUV that has an HO mechanism as its means of locomotion.
Notice the HO rails in the road;  they resemble streetcar tracks in asphalt.
Although many whimsical elements are part the layout, realism has a place here, too.

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